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The BMV investment token is for future listing on exchanges after the medical IoT network is functional. It is currently NOT listed on any exchanges. BMV tokens can be used to purchase or exchange for other tokens after it is listed on exchanges.  Once BMV tokens are listed on exchanges in future, we will notify you on next instructions to trade.

Obtain an ERC20 Wallet to get BMV Investment Tokens
(1 BMV Investment Token = $1 USD)

For desktop users who needs a wallet, please see instructions here

Add ERC20 BMV symbol to your wallet

Our mobile wallet has already pre-configured with BMV. If you are using a different ERC20 mobile wallets or other ERC20 compatible wallets, you will need to manually add the BMV ERC20 Symbol address according to your wallet instructions. You can find the BMV Symbol address here.

Have an ERC20 Wallet Already? Our Public Sale Address ↓


  1. Use any ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet and send Eth to the above address OR scan the following QR code.

  2. Do NOT send Ethereum directly from exchanges (e.g. Coinbase, Binance) 

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